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Our beautiful, hand poured pillars come in a variety of sizes, colors and scents. We designed our pillars to burn down using all the wax without dripping over the sides. Our wicks are self trimming, lead free. If you notice your wick getting to long or mushrooming, keep it trimmed to 1/4 inch. The wax is from a highly refined paraffin wax. We hope to have Soy wax pillars available soon, we will keep you posted on the website. We currently are selling 3 sizes, but are working on some larger pillars and some 3 wick pillars and plan to have them available soon, in limited scents. If you wish to have a larger pillar made for you in any scent we carry, email or call us with details. Our 3 standard sizes are 3x3 ($5.50), 3x4.5 ($7.95), 4x4.5 ($12.95).

Banana Nut Bread
Cinnamon Buns
Cucumber Melon
Hazelnut Cappuccino
Hot Apple Pie
Ocean Mist
Orange Sorbet
Pumpkin Pie
Red Apple Peel
Strawberry Cream
Vanilla Cream
Wrought Iron Wall Holder

Hand-hammered wall sconces. Sold as a pair.

$15.52 !

Mango Wood Holder

Hand carved leaf pattern candle holder, fashioned from mango wood. Holds 3in. pillar.

$22.67 !

Stone Pillar Holders

Cast Stone Finish pillar candle holders. Sold as a pair.

$22.78 !